It is important to have a way to remember a beloved pet or family member. A way that will will bring a smile to your face, and remind you of that special life. Olivia’s Peace is honored to provide different ways that you can keep them close to your heart, hopefully bringing you peace that will grow as time passes. Please visit Olivia’s Peace on Facebook to see some of the samples, and contact the artists directly to see their collections and to learn more about custom work.

Fused Glass Collection

Our fused glass artist, Michele Gould, will respectfully create one of these beautiful pieces or something entirely custom using your pet’s or loved one’s ashes.  

Custom work may be quoted upon request.  

To learn more or purchase, please visit Michele’s site Or email her at 


Fur and Ashes Collection

I’ve been asked numerous times about incorporating a pet’s fur into jewelry. Finally, that is an option!

Rebecca Ewing’s unique resin pieces use a small amount of fur and/or ashes. A whisker, human hair, piece of a favorite toy or blanket and feathers are also options, depending on the size of the piece.  A committed animal lover, she will respectfully create a special memorial that you will cherish.

The options you see on Olivia’s Peace are just a few of the many items available.  To purchase or see more, please visit her site or contact Rebecca at


Custom Urns

Jane Steelman is an artist and avid pet lover who understands that it is important to those of us who consider pets a part of our family that we memorialize them in a way that will be a beautiful tribute.

What better way to remember your pet than to have a one-of-a-kind beautiful stained glass urn created for your pet that will last a lifetime and be a beautiful addition to your home?

She will work directly with you so that you may share your stories and photos in order to create an urn that will exemplify his/her personality and characteristics. These urns can also be created to hold a portion of a human loved one’s ashes.

Jane is a talented artist and also does pet portraits – if interested in more information please contact me at