Olivia. 12/7/89 – 10/4/09

Olivia was a beautiful, smart, elegant tortie that came into my life as a wee kitten from the SPCA on February 7, 1990. For almost 20 years she was my best friend. She was my heartbeat. We nurtured and loved each other beyond words or purrs.

The hardest decision I ever made was to set her free from this earthly life that had become less than ideal, and to give her the eternal peace she deserved. I have several memorials to her that have brought me healing and comfort, including a pendant with her ashes I wear almost every day. Portraits of her as well as special vessels with her ashes keep her presence constant in my home and heart.

This site is inspired by and dedicated to my precious angel Olivia, now resting in peace forever. I hope with all of my heart that you are able to find the same kind of peace I have found with these distinctive memorials.

Robin Rogers